Twilight of the Sandwiches
Me: So Shortpacked! got this character who's the "Historical Jesus". Y'know, he's Jesus like he probably really was: Short, brownish jewish man who yell about the end of the world and giving to the poor and all of that stuff.
Dad: Yeah?
Me: Yeah, the manager of the store rised him from the dead, 'cuase controversy makes is a good way to get advertising
Dad: Heh, Cute
Me: So there was a strip of all the characters going to see "the Avengers", and we see all of them after the movie: the Batman nerd says it could've used more Batman, the Marvel nerd says it's the best movie ever-
Dad: Well, it IS
Me: And then of one them asks "What did you think, Jesus" and we see Historical Jesus sitting there, shocked saying "That's the greatest movie I've ever seen" and then we see a tagline that says "the Avengers: the Greatest Movie Jesus Christ Have Ever Seen"
Dad: *Laugh*
Me: And down at the bottom it says "Out of a sample size of "the Avengers", "Short Circuit" and "Short Circuit 2"
Dad: Huh? What's "Short Circuit"?
Me: It's a movie from the 80's about a robot
Dad: Why would Historical Jesus watch this movie?
Me: Oh! That's becuase ANOTHER character in the comics is a talking car and the "Short Circuit" movies are his favorite movies becuase he's an A.I, too and...
Dad: ...
Me: It makes more sense when you read the comic
Dad: I sure hope so
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